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Goodbye, 20D.

Posted on by davegkugler

Sandy at right with the 20D+BG-E2 grip.

Memories. I purchased my Canon EOS 20D DSLR almost exactly three years ago (22-Oct-04, precisely). It was a different time, I was making drives down to Portland often and found a Shutterbug there that had stock before B&H and most other companies did — just after the announcement. The 20D, for me, leapt above the Nikon D70, the competition at the time, in most aspects: resolution (8MP vs 6MP), speed (5fps vs 3fps), high ISO performance (CMOS vs CCD), and many other qualities. Coming from an old Minolta Dimage 7 I wasn’t tied to any lens system and was free to make a choice; i.e. whereas these days ‘switching’ isn’t something I can take as lightly. That decision was hands down an easy choice. Read my original post after the purchase.

The 20D was the best prosumer camera body on the market for the duration of its product-life, and it really didn’t face competition until the Canon EOS Rebel XT (350D) and Canon EOS 5D were announced (and those realistically were for different market segments). These days, Canon & Nikon seem to be at each other’s throats (1,2). Even the Canon EOS 30D didn’t have much on the original — the noticeable updates were a slightly bigger LCD (2.5-in vs 1.8-in), spot-metering, and “picture styles.” Nice, but I think many 20D shooters happily smiled at the 30D and continued shooting without an upgrade.

Yes, the 20D was quite a camera. I shot a modest [approximate] 20,000 images with it. Many do far more, but this was quite a bit for my first real DSLR. The 20D along with a new Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS is going to my brother Mike, whom will hopefully use it for many more happy days of shooting. Cheers my friend, you were great to me.