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Gitzo GT2540.

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Ah, the completion of my tripod setup. Tripods are a hard thing to spend money on; they aren’t as sexy as a camera purchase, and don’t necessarily give you more ability or another perspective as a lens purchase might do… they can be, however, almost, if not equally, important for the end result. I have wanted to complete my tripod setup for a long time (eluded to in my prior post about Really Right Stuff). This meant spending money I didn’t necessarily have nor want to spend at the time. Well, I took the final steps: I bought a Gitzo GT2540 tripod to add to my RRS BH-40.

A quick guide for Gitzo tripods I found online when trying to decide between the GT1540 and GT2540. Read their catalog for more information.

1540 is Series 1, up to 135mm under any conditions, 200mm with caution.
2540 is Series 2, up to 200mm under any conditions.

If you shoot in low light, shoot high-dynamic-range (HDR), shoot panoramas, or want to produce critically sharp images then you need a tripod. Inexpensive tripods support the camera, but the short answer is that the more stable your camera is the better and sharper your image will be. More expensive tripods simply control vibration better, while usually being made from more exotic [read: lighter] materials (e.g. carbon fiber). There are a LOT of ways to compromise, and if you want ideas I would be happy to offer advice. I could go into more detail, but will spare you for now.

Here’s a photo of the before, and after. What I gained: a lighter, much more compact setup with the ability to support more weight and better minimize vibration. What I lost: $$$. Eh, I’m satisfied. ;-]

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