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1Ds Mark II

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I haven’t blogged on this site in a while, but did something today that I figured should go up. I bought a used Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II DSLR. It was quite the story. I decided a while ago I wanted another camera, initially as a backup to the 5D after I gave away my old 20D. I contemplated and waited. This week I started looking around and found a 5D I was about ready to purchase, and then I saw this camera on eBay yesterday from a local studio / stock photographer, got a hold of him and dropped by to check it out. Wow. I had played with them before at Glazers, but the build is truly amazing. He let me shoot around and download the files to his computer to check them out. They were beautiful. The unfortunate part was that the auction was about to end and he had no way to stop it. We decided that I would just try to win the auction and we could go from there. Long story short, I didn’t win. I went back to work and was in meetings the remainder of the afternoon. I checked the auction late afternoon and it had gone for an incredibly low price (lower than what we had discussed… and I was happy with the discussed price). It sucked to see it slip, but ah well and I moved on. This morning, however, I got a call that the deal had fallen through because the buyer was from Canada (and the auction specifically said no out of country bids) — the camera was mine if I wanted it. Really? OK, awesome.

Tonight I own a new-to-me 1Ds Mark II, Canon’s very recently replaced (by a 1Ds Mark III) flagship. There’s a great review of it (linked above) on Dpreview or another from here.

Unfortunate part number 2. Monday I mailed out my 5D + all my lenses (yep, all of them) to Canon Irvine for cleaning and calibration. I have a fantastic new camera body and nothing to attach to it to shoot with. Fortunately Shelby let me shoot around at his place after picking up the camera, then my brother stepped in and was kind enough to let me borrow a couple of lenses (his 24-70 and 70-200 2.8 IS). Definitely smiling. =]

Here are a couple of the first few photos I shot while playing around. After the third are some 100% crops. These files are almost 5000 px in greatest dimension straight out of the camera — that’s huge! File size is about 47.5 MB for an 8-bit TIFF and a whopping 97.5 MB for a 16-bit version. Perhaps it is time to invest in some more storage.. Much more to come. =]

100% Crops:

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