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Trio Promo

Posted on by davegkugler

Marcus and I had been planning a shoot for quite a while, and things finally came together (he was in town, I was in town, and we both had some time) where we could get out and work on promo photos for their album. The trio had a show at Nectar the other night, and yesterday we took advantage of the absolutely fantastic weather. Here’s a few photos of Marcus, James, and Kevin. Location was in/around Seattle, mostly by REI and then in Georgetown. Thanks go out to assistant / second photographer Shelby White… couldn’t have done the shots without him.

Exif: 1Ds Mark II, EF 24-70, f/6.3-8.0, 1/50-1/100, ISO 400-640, two 580 EXs triggered by PWs, & shot through umbrellas.

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