Seattle, WA


B.S. Bio/Chem, College of Idaho

Ph.D. Biology, Johns Hopkins

photography exp.

15+ years


Turner Kugler Law, PLLC

Posted on by davegkugler

So perhaps a modest twist from photography, but I was recently asked to code a simple website for my brother’s law firm. Although he has 21+ yrs of experience, he just went out on his own — Turner Kugler Law, PLLC is his startup focusing on legal services in the NW, primarily the Seattle-Tacoma, Puget Sound and Western Washington areas.

How fun. It has been a while since I coded in html/css. Struggled at first, learned a bit, and in the end added a custom font. It turned out to be a nice weekend project. Of course, being family the photography comes gratis. Check out the site, and a couple of my old favorites that we used for the headers.

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