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Unibody Macbook Pro

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OK, OK, so this isn’t explicitly a camera topic; however, it is what I edit my photos on (an Apple). The old Macbook Pro was doing well and good, but my dad decided he wanted a laptop and it was a good excuse to get a little bump in speed and an updated machine (other machine is in the mail to him now). Surprisingly little has changed on the insides in the past 2.5 years that I had the old machine — now: a little more speed, a little more storage, and a little sleeker look. Sounds good.

So to photos, and where things stand. Sadly I didn’t do the side-by-side precision testing before boxing up the last-gen laptop. But here are a few numbers in photo terms on the new one: from a cold boot Photoshop CS4 loads in 5 seconds (if you quit it and re-open drop that to 2 sec). Lightroom 2 in the same manner loads in 6 seconds (and 3 secs with the quit/re-open maneuver). Speedy. Processing is definitely sped up as well; although, as with any computer (even a Mac Pro w/ 8Gbs of RAM) I can bring it to a crawl if I really want to. That said, a nice tidy boost is appreciated when editing 16.7 MP images. If you do the math and visualize the 30+ hrs of rendering time the 4122 photos from my last wedding took to process from RAW to JPEG w/ settings and compare that to some increased speed, well that is quite a bit of saved time.

OK, closing remarks. I am extremely impressed to date with the new unibody. It is solid, rigid, and performs. The new LED LCD made my old CCFL look like it was off. It is very bright. Glare is definitely there with the switch from mat to glass, and I will have to accustom to seeing my ugly mug all the time. You tune it out after a bit. The microphone is much more sensitive (the better to record my thoughts, classes, and chat with), and the speakers are equally louder. The smarter touchpad is great!, and means real four-finger fun, zoom, and multi-directional pan. Awesome. If I had a “highly recommended” sticker, it would be placed on this mini-review. Love. It.

Unibody Macbook Pro Specs:
15.4″ Glossy LED LCD, 1440×900
2.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo (T9600, 6M Cache)
4 GB DDR3 1066 Mhz SDRAM
320 GB HD (SSD, someday)
512 MB GDDR3 NVIDIA 9600M GT (+ onboard 256 MB NVIDIA 9400M)

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