Seattle, WA


B.S. Bio/Chem, College of Idaho

Ph.D. Biology, Johns Hopkins

photography exp.

15+ years


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Oh my!

Posted on by davegkugler

It has been A WHILE since an update. I am currently starting the third year in my PhD program at Johns Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health, and the past year (especially) has been busy. All is well though, and I look forward to more updates soon. First things first. Look for a quick […]


Posted on by davegkugler

It’s been a while since a post… and a busy/ long past couple of months. I have moved across the country from Seattle to Washington D.C. to pursue graduate school. Dramatic changes and much work again, but a fantastic place and a wonderful opportunity. I will dearly miss seeing family and friends, but will keep […]

IE Box Bug Solved.

Posted on by davegkugler

OK, I think I have sorted out all of the IE bugs — wow, was that unpleasant. What made things more difficult was that it was a PC-specific-IE problem, and I couldn’t duplicate it on my Apple other than finding a “netrenderer”. If you do any web-design, bookmark this site, it is extremely useful! Please […]